Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Life of Learning

  We have completed our goal!  We read God's word in a year, and it was a wonderful journey.  I pray that you will read His word many times in your life.  His word is so amazing that at times through this journey I simply wrote down what the Bible said and nothing more.  I believe that God has a word for you and you alone.  He will teach you many things throughout His word in every stage of your life.  So, we will continue to study what He has to say to us individually and as a family.  I pray that someday you will read this BlogBook I have made for you, and you will be inspired by His words that He has spoken through me into your life.  We love you more than all the chopsticks in China!  And God's love for you goes so much farther than that...more than you could possibly ever fathom or imagine!  Enjoy this journey...

                                                                                                 Love you bunches,
                                                                                                       Mama & Baba